Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What Counties Make Up the State of Jefferson?

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The State of Jefferson movement started in 1941 with a suggestion by Port Orford, Oregon mayor Gilbert Gable that seven counties join together to create a new state.

He included four Oregon counties:

Curry County
Jackson County
Josephine County
Klamath County

…and three California counties:

Del Norte County
Modoc County
Siskiyou County

These counties were the original seven, but since that time there have been other proposals for a State of Jefferson, including many other counties.

In Oregon the expanded list of counties includes:

Coos County
Douglas County
Lake County

…and in California, the additional counties involved are:

Butte County
Glenn County
Humboldt County
Lassen County
Mendocino County
Plumas County
Shasta County
Tehema County
Trinity County

Info stolen from State of Jefferson Blog

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